access to Americas records NOW LIMITED


NARA (A-2) College Park Maryland

Because of budget cuts and understaffing at this facility, the National Archives and Records Administration is limiting public access to Textual Records.  NARA management has implemented some "Temporary" restrictions on accessing textual records.   NARA in College Park only allows one pull at a time and limits that pull to 16 boxes from one record group, down from 32 boxes.  All 16 boxes must be refiled before a new request for records will be accepted.  They no longer allow a second pull from a different record group while researchers work on the first pull.  That means the researcher must complete all research from the first 16 boxes and refile those boxes before continuing to work.  Additionally, NARA has temporarily removed all US Navy Deck Logs for the Vietnam Era from their holdings so they can be digitized by the Department of Veterans Affairs.  This means that the public and veterans will not have access to these documents for approximately 180 to 365 days while a contractor digitizes the records.


NPRC - St. Louis Missouri

The National Personnel Records Center, because of understaffing and budget cuts, is limiting veteran's, their families and the public access to veteran's personnel files and other records.   The NPRC only allows the public and approved Independent Reseach Companies for Hire to request 12 records of any kind in 24 hours.  Additionally, even if additional records have been pulled and are ready for review they will only allow the viewing of 12 files in a calendar day.  Because of the 1973 fire at the NPRC Page Avenue facility many veterans records must be rebuilt from US Army and Air Force morning reports on microfilm.  Researchers are no longer able to request rolls of microfilm until all textual research is completed which can delay Reseach by more than one hour and extend the overall time it takes to rebuild the veterans record.


Please Be Understanding

We ask all our customers to be understanding while these restrictions are in place.  The National Archives has stated that they are only temporary.  Your research project may take a little longer but rest assured that you will not be charged for delays caused by the National Archives.  We only charge for the time your documents are in our hands.

If you would like to help get better access to "Your Public Records"  Please write or call your US Congressperson and Senator and ask them properly fund and staff your National Archives.  Encourage them to call the Archivist of the United States and ease these restrictions to all veteran's and public records.